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Apple doesn't stop to amaze me. iPod nano is definitely a "whoa"! If you missed it, there is no more iPod mini, iTunes 5 is out and there is a iTunes Phone. Everthing is in color.

Big stuff. I wish I had some AAPL right now.

Posted on Wednesday, September 07, 2005 9:30 PM | Filed under: Gadgets |


# re: iWhoa! 9/7/2005 10:15 PM samuelion
it is wannahave stuff and there is no more question about it ^^

stuff its 2 much iyummy =P

# re: iWhoa! 9/7/2005 10:33 PM David
I need a wealthy sponsor and another 24h per day in order to play with everything that comes my way. It's too much! :)

# re: iWhoa! 9/8/2005 3:31 AM Mark
Sweet, in'nit? Who's buying it first? I'm on shuffle and it suits me just fine for now... If I'd want to port all of my music to iPod and have space on my laptops' hdd... then, I can only go with iPod photo 60GB :s

# re: iWhoa! 9/8/2005 8:52 AM valem
Just a little bit more. I'll just have to wait for the next generation. I can live for some time without food, but the kid can't (probably).

# re: iWhoa! 9/8/2005 10:20 PM David
It's really slick. I would trade my mini for it in no time. ;)

# re: iWhoa! 9/15/2005 9:17 PM PeterK
But you probably wouldn't do this with it:

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