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I though it was just a matter of including right folder, but it wasn't. So I'm writting it down.

  • Be sure you are keeping logs of your IM chats. Under "Preferences" in Trillian:
    • find Activity history and check what seems important. I use Subjects" / Contacts & Conferences and Media Type / Text Conversations
    • remember the folder, change if you want, I use default
  • Start indexing logs. Under "Desktop Search Options" in Windows Desktop Search
    • find Desktop Search and check that you want to index "Custom folder and e-mail locations".
    • click Browse to specify which folder you want to index. Uncheck those that are not needed, like Desktop and Programs and so on. Be sure to include the Trillian logs.
    • under Desktop Search / Advanced check that .log files are included in "Index file types as text" and that .log files are NOT included un "Do not index these file type". On my machine .log were in both lists. Weird and wrong.
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# re: How to index Trillian log files using Windows Desktop Search 4/5/2007 5:18 PM amber
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