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I read Matevž Gačnik's book title Arhitektura sodobnih rešitev Microsoft.NET - Načrtovalski vzorci some time ago. I helped with the proof reading but then postponed this review until I got the paperback version. Then I postponed this review some more... Few months passed.

I can summon my feelings about the book in once sentence: I would recommend this book to everyone that doesn't feel like reading technical literature in English.

Matevž collected, translated in arranged a number of best practices and white papers and he made a book out of them. While he might be leaping from one topic to another and the chapters don't neceserrily follow one another in a logical way it's the raw information in that book that counts. Some of may have read the white papers and articles that Matevž used as a source and everyone probably heard about technologies he writes about, but Matevž puts them in perspective for us and ties them together.

It can certainly give you some new ideas for your next project or even applied to current corporate projects. The book is full of examples so all the concepts can easily be understood.

I don't have the book with me since it's making the rounds around our company. Voluntarily! What more can we want from the book? Keep up the good work, Matevž and give us more books like that. I'm sure your third will be even better!

Note: The book is free. If you wan't it, just send a mail to Matevž.

Posted on Sunday, August 28, 2005 10:35 PM | Filed under: Books |
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