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Chilly mid-summer Sunday is ideal day too waste time behind a computer screen. So I decided to test few additions to si.blogs I had laying around for some time and here it is: si.blogs 2.5. Now with 20% more fat! 

This is that is new:

  • Not just blogs, now we also feature posts: yes, it's possible to read si.blogs right from the site! Latest posts link will give you last 500 posts from all the blogs. I think this could be big. The design is non-existent, I'll have to work on it a bit more.
  • Podcast support: blogs that have podcasts have their own icon and a filter. Right now there are only two in the category but si.blogs is future proof!
  • FavIcons support: the favicon icon is display on blog info page. Putting the icons on the front page was a bit too much.
  • New feed design: the text in the feed is somehow improved.
  • About: finally a page about si.blogs and its history and so on. I'll add more with time.
  • Enhanced FAQ and help links: I added some new FAQs and put some ?s in the menus that lead to explanations on the FAQ page.

Any comments and bug reports are welcome!

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# re: si.blogs 2.5 8/9/2005 1:37 PM andper
Great addition, this 'latest posts' thing! Makes browsing the si.blogs site a whole new experience. Some post titles just force you into clicking them. :)

Also the favicons support is cute.

But I have one remark. Maybe it would be better to replace the ?s in menus with something else (no idea currently with what, maybe with a tiny image), because now (at least to me) it looks like your asking something or that you are not completely sure (with 'dead ?' for example). (OK, I just saw you changed their colour, makes it better.)

Nice work all in all.

# re: si.blogs 2.5 8/9/2005 2:17 PM David
Tnx, andper. I didn't change the ?'s color, it probably changed when you clicked it. I'm not sure if ther are different colors for link states in CSS. I'll have to take a look. There is another bug wih menus, so I'll fix in ni the next days.

I'm little bit dissapointed though, the "latest posts" is barely used. I hope users will eventually find in and start using it.

# Si.blogs map 8/14/2005 10:05 AM Bite my bytes

# Si.blogs map 8/14/2005 10:08 AM Bite my bytes

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