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CodeProject had an interesting poll last week. The question was "Do you use Ad blocking software?". And these are the result:

Who! These are programmers and advanced web users, but still. 80% are blocking at least some of the ads! I suppose a lot of them voted "Yes" even if the only have pop-up blocking, but still... It's going to get really tough to earn a buck or two on net web.

I use ad blocking all the time and love it. Sites are cleaner, prettier and faster that way. Do you?

Posted on Thursday, August 04, 2005 8:35 AM | Filed under: Internet |


# re: Ad blocking is hot 8/4/2005 11:28 AM Miha
No, I don't. ;-)

# re: Ad blocking is hot 8/4/2005 12:12 PM Marko
Who told you about AdBlock in the first place? ;)
Yes, I do take this lovely... ammm, I do use the AdBlock ff extension.

# re: Ad blocking is hot 8/4/2005 12:59 PM Dr. Kruegel
I do I do I do... can't imagine living without it anymore. Now I'm looking for some adblock for TV/tuner. Muting sound or switching to another channel, and restoring back after commercial block is over. Anyone?

# re: Ad blocking is hot 8/4/2005 3:28 PM Miha
Save the program and then fast forward when the comercial blovk is on.

Adblocker for TV, this would be great.

# re: Ad blocking is hot 8/4/2005 4:18 PM andper
I am, on the '<a href="">hosts</a>' file level. Suits me well.

# re: Ad blocking is hot 8/4/2005 6:23 PM cookie
stop watching tv altogether. works for me.

# re: Ad blocking is hot 8/4/2005 10:01 PM Dr. Kruegel
Re Andper:
The hosts file level "blocking" isn't that good in my opinion, because it leaves you with a page full of small "Not Found" or "server error" etc. rectangles. I once used this too, but now it's better with adblock which in fact removes the ads from sight.

Re Cookie:
I seldom watch tv. I would watch it more if I had an adblock for it. Especially Discovery and its "neighboring" channels.

# re: Ad blocking is hot 8/4/2005 10:13 PM David
Marko: Yes, you're the man! You shold be the AdBlock and my life was never the same. definetly owe you a beer or two! Jest get you ass back in Slovenia first!

Dr.K: Why don't you get a simple TV tuner card, start watching a show 10 or so minutes after it starts and with time shifting ( you're in control. It's not automatic but it gets the job done. My 10 kSIT TV card can do this, so I guess any card is good enough.

Ander: You're just not in control if you use hosts file. Really try AdBlock if you use Firefox.

# re: Ad blocking is hot 8/5/2005 6:35 PM andper
OK thx, I'll give it a go.

# re: Ad blocking is hot 8/26/2005 9:07 PM DAD
I am looking for hardware to block ads from my TV.

I know they used to make TVs available with this option - Sony was one of them.

Oddly it did not become popular.

Anyway - I am really looking for the manufacturer/patent holder or
who sells the item.

Has anyone found such a device?

# re: Ad blocking is hot 8/26/2005 11:02 PM David

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