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Jonas has just published first podcast in Slovenian language. While it might not be the first podcast by Slovenian and in Slovenia, it's still very cool to see things movin'!

So, go and grab latest iTunes (or iPodder or any other podcast client) and subscribe to his feed to get the first part of his Tit Andronik and the next ones when they are published.

If you are going to use iTunes this is how you subscribe:

I hope he has some new content planned, it would be great to hear some funny stuff from him again!

[Update] Subscribing to his podcast feed doesn't work right know, but it worked yesterday. So he's probably just tinkering with his new blog engine and it will work again soon.

[Update2] Works as a charm.

Posted on Saturday, July 23, 2005 11:06 AM | Filed under: Blogging Internet |


# re: First podcast in Slovenian language 7/23/2005 6:20 PM Jernej
First or last, this guy is trying real hard to be funny yet fails miserably. On top of which it's a boring show.

I hate the name podcasting and the hype surrounding it, it's just a stupid mp3 file distributed with rss not rocket science.

Yes, podcasting as a phenomenon is something to be explored and exploited but in the end it all comes down to radio broadcasting basics. If you're a crappy moderator the show is doomed. There are many shows floating around the blogosphere at the moment yet only a handful are produced as they should and worth listening to. Boring, boring, boring...
Stupid trend that will probably blow over eventually.

What's the point in doing a podcast that takes up 30min of your time yet delivers the same message a 500 word text you could read in a minute or two would?

Most of this stuff is worthless garbage with waay too much hype involved, so I think I'll stick to those that just play music (I discovered some great bands that way) for the time being, wait for the dust to settle and the good ones come out on top.

but if you want to dig further -

# re: First podcast in Slovenian language 7/24/2005 11:55 PM David
I totaly agree it's a hype. But so is FireFox, Tiger, Vista, iPod, Google Maps. It's maybe 30% of the hype, but cool anyway.

I would like people to try it, explore it and talk about it. Share the discoveries! Let the public decide who's good and who's not! I agree it's very hard to find a good podcast but this is where blogs and top lists come in. Podcasts awards sure is one way to go!

And I agree - I much rather read than listen, it's much faster for me. (Video is even worse, can't fit that anywhere). But with two podcasts a week I fill my time when riding a bike to work or driving around Ljubljana in a car. It fits perfectly...

# re: First podcast in Slovenian language 7/27/2005 12:51 PM Dr. Kruegel
Wait a minute... so all I do is put some mp3 on my webserver, and already I'm podcaster? :o
Reinvention of wheel again?
I'm beginning to agree with

# re: First podcast in Slovenian language 7/27/2005 1:00 PM David
No, my dear doctor! Just like putting some text + a title and a date on a web page doesn't make you a blogger, putting some mp3s on the server doesn't make you a podcaster. You have to have a feed! ;)

Seriously: yes, you could say that. It's reinvention just like blogging is. Same stuff all over again. It's a hype which will flush couple of good things but in the mean time lots of crap.

But it's soooo much easier if we have a name and support of big comapnies. Now people actually listen.

# re: First podcast in Slovenian language 7/29/2005 12:09 AM Jonas Žnidaršič
Dr. Kruegel, that's EXACTLY the point. ANYBODY can be a podcaster. Welcome to the revolution, I love it.

A *good* podcaster, that's another issue. In time we'll look at the audience and we'll make judgements. Until then, snotty remarks are unnecessary.

So put your mp3s on your server, Doc. You don't want this guy to remain the one and only. I certainly don't.


# re: First podcast in Slovenian language 10/6/2005 10:16 AM Mitja
That's right. And it makes it a bit harder to pretend that <a href="">On the Internet, Nobody Knows You're a Dog"</a>...

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