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I don't read any computer magazine regularly. The 'net offers so much reading that I don't really see the point reading about "the code". I have to type it/copy n' paste it and run it. 

But lately I came across unusual number of sample issues, so now I at least know what they offer. And since it is 21st century one would except that the content is available on the web - and it is! (gotcha! you though the opposite was true, didn't you!)


MSDN Magazine - I like this the most. It's very professional, Lot's of articles and they are on really high level. You probably read some of the magazine as it's often linked and copied on blogs. Huge back issues archive, downloadable indexes, back issues CDs available. Even an RSS feed!

Visual Studio Magazine - The thinnest of the pack. I'm not sure it's just my issue or are all this ridiculously thin. Articles are on the same level like MSDN Magazine. Both feature the same ads. Full archives available.

CoDe Magazine - I already wrote about this one. I ordered free sample issue, got two orders, wrote to the editors taht I don't wan't to order the magazine and they said 'ok'. But I still get in my mailbox and I don't complain at all. Some articles are in the archive, but not all.

While we are at it: the only tech magazine I do like to read is Wired. It has just the perfect mix of tech articles and is not about coding at all. You probably know and read it already if you don't I highly recommended it. All articles are available online, and they have feeds. 

The bad part is, it's not available on news stand in Slovenia anymore. Mare ordered it from the States so I snatch his copy when he is done with it.

Posted on Sunday, July 10, 2005 11:42 PM | Filed under: Stuff Developement Internet |


# re: .NET Developers Magazines + then some 7/11/2005 5:44 PM Mare
Actually, the bastards from the Wired Mag HQ waited from September 2004 till March 2005 (the month I subscribed to the magazine directlly). The very next month they started to ship Wired to Slovenia again.
So, I'm told, it can be bought "regullary" again.

# re: .NET Developers Magazines + then some 7/11/2005 11:26 PM David
Glad to hear that! :) Remember to cancel the US subscription!

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