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It's been ages (10+ years) since I last read Croatian computer magazine Bug. I had some time to kill on Saturday morning so I picked up a copy.

I can only compare it to Monitor, since that's the only Slovenian computer magazine I occasionaly read. It's fatter for the same price. It's starts the same as Monitor, with couple of editorial columns not really worth a read if you follow other news sources. Then for some test and descriptions, a big test (video card in my case).

Monitor wraps up here, while Bug continues with lighter subjects and games. I like that, since I don't follow game scene and seening few screenshots and test can't hurt. The writting is little more on the light side in Bug, the text tries to be informative and funny so it is more fun to read. There is also a DVD with software and movies. Nothing spectacular.

Anyway, I was done in half an hour and I can say all in all, it's not much different that Monitor. Both are decent magazines. But again, if you spend a lot of time online and you're not lazy as a koala everything can be read / found on-line.

A point to Bug On-line for having RSS feeds. Monitor doesn't.

Posted on Sunday, June 05, 2005 10:16 PM | Filed under: Stuff |
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