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By some strange coincidence these days I'm learning a lot about virtualization.

I listened to an excellent DNR show with Brian Randell about Virtual PC. Lot's of great info and tips, like how to put your current OS installation in an virtual one to do any kind of testing.

We are moving some testing into Virtual PC at work.

And I'm testing live Linux CDs at home. I'm not burning them and restarting my machine. I'm mounting the .iso file in VMware virtual machine and booting. It's fast, user-friendly and totally painless. I downloaded:

Any more cool live CD/DVDs?

Posted on Tuesday, May 31, 2005 11:30 PM | Filed under: System |


# re: Days of virtualization 6/1/2005 9:01 AM Mark
When you 'buy' SuSE you recieve support and some not GPL programs that are included in the distro, that's why it desn't seem like it's free as in free beer. You can download a free version (no video and some other software) or get it somewhere else (from a friend let's say). I only have the full SuSE9.2. It's got everything you should ever need. But again, it's rpm based wich is annoying.

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