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Last week my coworker I share office with went on his honey moon. As he didn't need his computer I figured I could use it to run browser, messenger and other bits of software that isn't needed on my main machine. So I had triple-monitor configuration but it wasn't very useful with two keyboards and mice.

After I found Synergy my workplace was heaven. Two machines, three monitors, one keyboard, one mouse.

Synergy is free (GPL) software that synchronizes mouse and keyboard one two or more machines over the network. The desktop on non-local machines acts like it was extra monitor on main machine. Well, you can't really drag windows there, but with a little organization that isn't a problem. Synergy also synchronizes clipboard so it can be really useful. Another great feature is that it's cross-platform software.

While playing with Linux & Mono on my second machine today, I plugged my secondary monitor in Linux box but I used only one mouse and keyboard. Very comfortable indeed.

I wrote about dual (and more) monitor configurations before. You may also remember MaxiVista. A very cool idea, but I never found it useful enough to actually use it.

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# Re: Three monitors and two machines 5/28/2005 11:41 PM miha at rthand nospam com (Miha
I didn't find this technology particulary stable and fast enough. I think that it is far better to buy the cheapest graphic card you find (60 euros perhaps) for PCI bus. There you go with proper support :-)
Maybe it is just me...

Miha Markic [MVP C#]
RightHand .net consulting and software development

# re: Three monitors and two machines 5/29/2005 12:57 AM David
I don't need another monitor on my machine. Two are enough. I need to use my mouse and keyboard on another machine and another monitor.

What kind of problems did you have with Synergy? I only had some trouble with "sticky" shift, but when I checked Half-duplex in Options everything worked great. And fast. On Win <-> Win and Win <-> Linux.

# re: Three monitors and two machines 5/29/2005 12:03 PM Mark
dammit, i wrote a nice comment and when i clicked Submit everything went puff. :|
Did you clean your desk just for this shot? ;) The home desk looks more like a developers desk :)

# re: Three monitors and two machines 5/30/2005 10:26 AM David
Mark: I always copy my comment before submitting. Just to be sure. Same sh*t happens on lots of blogs.

Yes I actually did clean my desk. And you don't see the bad part of the desk. ;)

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