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I revisited the Linuxland on my old machine, because l0ki left a comment about RssImageArchiver that says in runs on Mono. I just had to see that! Fortunately the official Mono page lists Fedora Core 3 under downloads, so I figured it should be easier this time. Of course, it wasn't completely smooth, but I made it. I have a Fedora Core 3 running Mono under my desk!

It's been a long time since I started the Linux box and I forgot root password. I had to reinstall the whole thing, but that was a snap. I threw out stuff like OpenOffice, clicked "Next" couple of times and the system was up and running.

Then I decided to try and install Mono using Novell's Red Carpet as suggested by the download page. No luck there. Since rug returned command not found on my FC3 I tried to download and install it. I had to wrestle a little with dependencies but I got it eventually. But then another error. I forgot what it was but I just wasn't in the mood for figuring Red Carpet out, so I moved to next option.

Yum. Doesn't sound delicious at all. But I saved the mono.repo in  /etc/yum.repos.d  as instructed and ran yum install mono-complete. It looked promising for a couple of minutes, but after downloading rpm's and putting them in cache nothing happened. This didn't work for me, man yum did sound good either.

So I decided to try my luck with Mono installer. It downloaded, I ran it. Few clicks and it said it was over. I opened new terminal window, wrote mono and I was happy. I did it!

Next thing I did was download RssImageArchiver and run mono RssImageArchiver /feed: /path:~/Dilbert 

Whoa! It worked. No recompile, nothing. Out of the box! I love it.

I also tried WebSpy and XMLTV_si (the engine that collects data for TVvSPOREDnik) and they both work without a glitch. So, I think I'll slap "Works with Mono" on project pages.

I had another option if I couldn't install Mono on Fedora Core 3. Mono live CD projects seem to be a nice solution if you want to check out Mono very fast. I found and I'm currently downloading mono::live and Monoppix.

Posted on Saturday, May 28, 2005 9:13 PM | Filed under: System Developement |


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Just to let you know that the location of the Tapestry feeds has moved:

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