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Q: How long does it take for a site to become "dead"?
The general rule of the thumb is three months. It doesn't happen manually so there might be exceptions to the rule.

Q: What's the default sort order? I would like to see alphabetical order as default!
 I named the default order "appearance". I used to call it FFFL (first found first listed) on the old list. It means that blogs are listed in order they were added to si.blogs list. There is a feature to save your own default sort order and your own default filter. Next time you come by the blogs will be automatically listed in that order. This feature uses cookies so they have to be enabled in your browser. You will have to save setting in every browser and computer you use.

Q: Why are there white icons next to some blogs and the popup text says there are no posts but there are posts one the site?
If a site doesn't have and RSS or Atom feed, there is no way for si.blogs to get the posts. I strongly believe strength of blogs lies in ability to aggregate the posts through feed. Try to enable the feed in your blogging engine. If your site has a feed, but the says t doesn't, please let me know!

Q: What's with the error icon?
The error icon means, there was an error when the blog's feed was accessed. It basically means that the site is inaccessible or that the blog's feed is not valid. The RSS and Atom feed must be formed according to some strict rules. If they are not, the software that tries to read them will probably fail. If your feed has an error icon, check the feed URL. If it is ok, try to validate the feed using You can contact me and I will try to help you. I'm also working on my engine to be more forgiving when it comes to non-valid feeds.

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