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Time for another book review. But this time it's not a developers book but a comic strip. 

Pearls Before Swine : BLTs Taste So Darn Good is a first book in series of Stephan Pastis's Pearl Before Swine. You got to feel sorry for the stupid pig and have to love the Rat despite his arrogance. The smart Zebra and other friends just round the company together and laughs can begin.

I can't wait to get my hands on second and third book in the series! This Little Piggy Stayed Home is already on my night stand and Nighthogs is just out.

Be sure to check out the official site or subscribe to the RSS feed on for a daily laugh.

Don't have a clue what BLT from the book title means? Ask Google and check the last definition. And they are big, man! They have their own book!

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# re: BLT's Taste So Darn Good 5/4/2005 9:51 PM Mark
/me hungry for a sandwich. :/

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