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If you have any interest in Slovenian part of the internet, you probably know and use There is good chance you also like, because it worked so well for years now. In last years it has become more popular than Matkurja, once the best Slovenian search engine. Ok, Matkurja is actually directory, not a search engines and those lost to search egnines log ago.

I use it when I search for local stuff all the time. It's faster than Google when it comes to indexing pages, so the content if fresher and it's already filtered so it's really local. I really don't care about other services it provides, I use it just for searching the web.

The company itself must be doing fine since they are (like almost every other company is Slovenia) moving towards south and east. and are search engines for Croatia and Serbia and Montenegro (or Yugoslavia if you want)., and are probably on the way. But I'm not sure how bright their future is.

With regards to how many services Google puts out every month, I don't think it will take long before we see And the decline of will follow.

The domain is acctualy not available. It seems to me like a hopeless try to earn some cash from reselling the domain.

Wanna take a bout how long until real

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# re: 4/21/2005 11:57 PM Michael M.
Wait... isn't officially run by google? I had no idea. I always assumed that it was.

# re: 4/22/2005 12:30 AM MarkoH
Do you think directories are out? I'm actuallly thinking of starting one, very focused, regional. I think they're useful especially for business use, when you want to get an idea of a market, for instance companies that sell furniture. Searching for furniture in search engines results in very different results not all of them related to companies. That's why I prefer directories for finding this kind of information.
Of course they're harder to maintain. But search engines (my opinion) are more useful when searching for data, documents, articles, knowledge and stuff like that.

So please respond - what's your opinion?

# re: 4/22/2005 7:37 AM David
MM: has nothing to do with Google. It's just a site that opens in Slovenian language and adds it's of "toolbar" on top.

I also assume that when comes, there will be a text "Slovenia" under Google logo. Now it's just "Slovenščina".

Mare: Generally serach engines overtook directories by far. And engines are getting better by the day. But you are right. For focused lists they might be better solution. Just look at si.blogs. :)

What's the directory you are thinking of starting?

# re: 4/22/2005 5:49 PM Mare
Prava vrednost se, vsaj po moje, skriva v podpori slovenskemu jeziku. Kar pomeni, da podpira sklone, števila in podobno sranje. Po kvaliteti zadetkov bi rekel, da je z googlom tam tam. je dejansko stranki produkt Novega foruma. Niso ga glih planirali, it just happend. Tako vsaj pravi mojster tukaj

# re: 8/22/2005 2:34 PM goo fan
I actually think it's extremely lame to have registered the domain. Morally wrong and decieving.

# Google Slovenija 8/8/2006 11:38 AM Bite my bytes

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# re: 8/13/2010 10:11 AM Firma Kayit
oo that is interesting are you sure

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