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I ordered myself a free copy of CoDe Magazine a month ago. And it actually arrived to this part of the woods. But not before the bill did! I heard about the magazine through DNR (what else) and was curious how top developers magazine looks like these days. It's been a while since I last read strictly developers magazine.

There has to be something wrong with the design of magazines of this kind. They all look the same! And that means less professional like "regular" techie magazines like for example Wired. Just think about Dr. Dobb's Journal. And if your are old enough and from Slovenia, you might remember Programer. (Oh, that was a cool magazine back then!)

Although magazine itself is not bad, the authors are all renowned developers most of which have also appeard on DNR. But I'm not going to subscribe.

First, it's pricey. Not the magazine itself but postage to Slovenia is just too steep - it's around $60/year. Also for this price I would like to see something more that just 80 pages every two months. It can be easily read in one evening.

Secon, in 21st century in times ob blogs and countless developers portals, developer's news, hints, tips and other educational content is really easy to find.

But still, it's fun to read. So maybe I'll try to convince my coworkers to order and share their free copy of next issue, when it's available! :)

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