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My old and trusty Nokia 6210 finally died on me this weekend. I had it for 4 years and I really put it through paces. It was no stranger to water and other elements and if I take that in accont it really did last long time!

If you read this blog since the beginning, you'll maybe remember that I had a nice and shiny new phone a year ago, but it lasted about a week. Than it made a junky happy for couple of hours, I guess.

This time I turned the other way and I bought the simplest and most inexpensive phone I could find So far I'm very happy with it:

  • I can call people: Checked.
  • It fits in my pocket: Checked.

I figured that I want a smart phone but with Windows and .NET Compact Framework. Until I can get it for a reasonable price, I really don't want to spent more money and time on a Symbian phone and J2ME.

I'm not very much into personal posts, so I'll add two nice links I found when surfing for info about K500i:

Feel free to post any useful links in the comments section.

[*update] Somehow I forgot to post the most important link of all. fma is a must-have tool for any t610/k500/... owner (with a PC). I only rememered when Jonas wrote about using his phone connected to his computer in his comment.

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# re: My new phone is SonyEricsson K500i 4/12/2005 10:34 AM Jonas Žnidaršič
I'm kinda spoiled with regard to phones. I want incoming calls to be displayed on my computer (Mac G5) screen. I want incoming SMS messages on my screen. I want to be able to synchonize my contacts with the computer. I want to dial out with my Mac. I want to remote control the Mac with my phone (very nifty when watching DVD, if only to start/stop the movie). I want to connect via GPRS on my laptop. I want hands-free in my Toyota Prius.

Obviously, I need bluetooth. But not every bluetooth phone works as advertised, not every BT phone integrates seamlessly with my Mac. So I stick with my Sony Ericsson T610.


# re: My new phone is SonyEricsson K500i 4/12/2005 5:57 PM Mare
A question for the Mac guy named Jonas:

# Back again 10/18/2005 10:50 PM Bite my bytes

# Back again 10/18/2005 10:51 PM Bite my bytes

# re: My new phone is SonyEricsson K500i 11/27/2008 12:18 PM RAJAKUMAR P
i am un able to install camera advice

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