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I finally updated an article about my little project called LinkTextBox. CodeProject crew will probably update the original article in couple of days, the local copy is already up to date. I didn't want to host source code and sample files in two places, so bear in mind that downloads from local copy are not yet up available! I'll let you know when that happens.

What's new? Just two bits:

  • ListTextBox now handles ftp:// and https:// links. Adding a new protocol is really easy. Just add new protocol to the LinkTypes enum and handle the types in FillLinkData() method.
  • Next improvement fixed annoying bug that you can observe if you use Shift-Tab to "back-tab" to the control. Suddenly strange things happen to the focus in control. Tricky focus handling solves the issue. Read more about it in the article itself.

Any other ideas or bugs?

Posted on Thursday, April 07, 2005 11:36 PM | Filed under: Developement |


# CodeProject article 4/12/2005 9:07 AM

# CodeProject article 4/12/2005 9:07 AM

# LinkTextBox v1.1 12/28/2005 11:47 AM Argy

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