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I just might hive myself a "Master of lost data" award. Ok, maybe not the first place, but I'm in the medals for sure! I did it again. I lost data. This time I lost a super important picture from flash memory card.

I use GetCanon! for image retrieval from digital camera. It has a really nice feature of transferring new pictures only. This way you don't have to empty memory card and can still quickly access new pictures. So I empty my cards when they are completely full. On Sunday I had a different plan. I felt an urge to empty data card immediately after I transfered pictures to PC. There was just no other way. I felt really good, like a real man. Now that my memory card was empty, I was free to fiddle with pictures. Resizing sounded really good. I use ACDSee 7 as my image browser and if I just need to just resize, why bother with opening Photoshop... Just use ACDSee's resize. Quick, painless. But somehow resizing settings decided they need to change to the most stupid combination ever: "Remove/replace original files". But some designer had a plan. He figured disabling the "Overwrite existing" option would be fun. It would be an insider joke or and global-office prank. I bet he was drinking a nice Canadian beer a friends were watching over his shoulder and chukling...  Yes guys, it is fun. I laughed hysterically when your program overwrote original 2 MB picture with it's 14 KB copy without asking! Really hilarious!

But with a help of some friends (tnx Dejan for a SW hint, tnx Mare for a laptop) I managed to save my ass. I used Zero Assumption's Digital Image Recovery (FREE!). I mounted flash card as a drive with a PCMCIA Flash Card adapter and rescued 223 pictures with one click. 10 minutes of staring at the screen. So much fun.

Thanks you, Alexey V. Gubin of Russia. You are the greatest.

Posted on Tuesday, March 22, 2005 9:03 AM | Filed under: Photography Software |
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