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BreskvaR is gone.

No, we didn't sink it or anything, but Miha decided to sell her. I'm talking about a racing sailing boat if you haven't figured it out by now. We used to sail a lot, almost every weekend we were on Slovenian and Croatia cost racing in a regatta or teaching someone else how to handle a boat and enjoy the sea. But in last years, the team rarely found time to get together and do something more than a kick-back afternoon cruise along the cost.

So it was only sensible thing to do. It was hard, especially on Miha, she was (one of) his true loves and a lot of his work and spare time was spent on, with and under her.

It's gone, but she went down with a bang. Anyone would want to have post funeral party like that. We had five course strictly sea food meal, live music, lots of red wine and full press coverage. Too bad not everyone could make it and some crucial team members were missing.

If you spot a rainbow colored (I wonder how this will look) 7.96 m long racing sailing boat, say "hi". We will miss her!

Update: Not rainbow, but flame! Smokin'! And she is called bARNEy now. Good luck, guys!

Posted on Sunday, March 13, 2005 10:33 PM | |
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