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I'm not really a car fanatic. I don't buy or read car magazines and I drive a 10+ years old small compact and I don't plan to upgrade any time soon. I have vague interest if World Championship Rally and once in a while I like to play a driving game or two. I gave up on watching Formula1 long time ago.

But lately I have been watching a very entertaining car show on BCC called TopGear. This Tuesday I have been struck by a car (not literally) like never before. Power output: 655 hp &  Dry weight: 1175 kg  = Top speed: 390 km/h. Konigsegg CC8S. And there is a new, slicker, faster and more powerful CCR 806 hp available. Holy S-word! 

Posted on Thursday, March 10, 2005 11:26 PM | Filed under: Stuff |
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