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I had this post written for I while but I waited for some special occasion to publish it. Now Miha has asked what's my favorite FireFox feature, I would have to say Extensions.

Let me show you the list of FireFox extensions that I use (in order of adoption):

By this you know me a little better. Do you have any suggestions?

Posted on Thursday, March 10, 2005 3:15 PM | Filed under: Software |


# re: FireFox extensions list 3/10/2005 4:22 PM Mark
Have you tried adblock, Nuke Anything and downTHEMall? Or is just me and my close friends that get soooo annoyed with the banners and ads on the sites? The * does miracles with adblock extension :).

The miniT(drag+indicator) is a cool extension if you have about 25 tabs opened most of the time (like me) and you want to order them by category or some other way.

# re: FireFox extensions list 3/10/2005 4:51 PM David
I haven't tried any of them yet. But I have a strange feeling that I will... Tnx!

# AdBlock Firefox extension 4/6/2005 8:44 AM

# AdBlock Firefox extension 6/28/2005 9:21 AM Bite my bytes

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