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You surely know how it feels like when you want to show someone a link you saw couple of days ago, but you just can remember where you find it and Google just refuses to find it. You could bookmark it but I never liked bookmarks/favorites. They are either to big or useless. And you can never find where you have put the link. And they are stored on your computer, so you cannot access them from other computers. I had and lived with this problem for years and almost got use to it... But wait! It doesn't have to be like that! If you call now and order... No, that's not it.

It's called It's not new, but whenever I took a look at it or read about it I could connect. They call it "social bookmarks". And it looks confusing. Finally I figure it out and now I cannot live without it and I'm trying to convince heavy surfers to use it. It will make your life easier, I promise.

What does it do:

  • you get to store links with a click of the button, assign it tags (much like Flickr) and create a list of pages that might interest you sometime in the future
  • you can search through your stored bookmarks
  • you can browse through tags you assigned to bookmarks
  • you can access your bookmarks anywhere
  • you can subscribe to RSS feed of your own bookmarks
  • anyone can subscribe to RSS feed of your bookmarks
  • your can see how many users bookmarked the same links
  • you can browse through user / tag universe of bookmarks
  • you can subscribe to any tag or combination of tags and read about new bookmarks with those tags of all users
  • ...

Since the tool is so simple but so open, there are limitless usages and there are tools and services build around it all over the web. And every week there is another crazy idea and new way to extend it.

Be sure to read about page, what Wikipedia has to say about it, what BusinessWeek has to say about it and check out the list of tools.

To start using it, create your account, get toolbar buttons / bookmarklets, if you user FireFox get the delicious FireFox extension. You are set to go!

Don't forget to add RSS feed of your bookmarks to your reader, subscribe to most popular bookmarks. If you would like others to see what are pages that interest you, you can publish it on your blog. You are free to post your space in the comments.

Posted on Sunday, March 06, 2005 10:31 PM | Filed under: Software Internet |


# re: = tasty links 3/6/2005 10:49 PM Mark
Well, that's nice. Why did I go and did one just for me!?

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