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I'm back  It took me couple of days to read throw blogs, update my iPod, FireFox, ReSharper and process other stuff that collected during my week off. Again I set my personal away-from-blog record!

But this time I have an excuse - we were on vacation and then on post-vacation recovery at work and home. We went on a real one week holiday for the first time in last two years or so. I really enjoyed it and a missed my daily digital routine far less than I expected! But I did crack and I had to get a quick digital fix.

It's really hard to get back on track if you are away for some time... The only solution I see is a light portable PC with net access. I wonder how long will it take to put WiFi in every forest?

Posted on Wednesday, March 02, 2005 10:52 PM | Filed under: Stuff |
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