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In July 2004 I posted about a cool page at Statistical Office of the Republic of Slovenia / Statistični ura Republike Slovenije about most popular names. Now they have also included last names.

My name-lastname combination is obviously quite popular since there are 22 David Vidmar's. The absolute winner is not Janez Novak but Jožef Horvat! That surprised me. But Marija Novak as women champion is quite obvious.

Posted on Tuesday, February 01, 2005 9:23 PM | Filed under: Stuff |


# re: Slovenian names statistics page updated 2/17/2005 3:47 AM sps

ps: good to see that you added the "psychadelic i cant figure out if its a small b or a big D" protection

# re: Slovenian names statistics page updated 2/17/2005 9:17 AM David
I was drowning in spam... It's far from perfect but it helps.

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