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Big round of applause go to! His blog won the Izidor 2005 award for best personal site. Way to go!

Nothing personal, but I have some issues with his competition. Sergej's site was a finalist. But it just doesn't look like a finalist material to me...

I would also note, that in 13 categories jury award and people award was not even once given to the same nominee. That's sounds really weird to me...

Posted on Monday, January 24, 2005 10:12 AM | Filed under: Internet |


# slo blog awards 1/24/2005 10:53 AM cookie
we should have "slo blog" awards.

# re: And Izidor 2005 goes to.... 1/24/2005 12:15 PM Mare
Ocenjevali bi pa dizajn in uporabnost skinov, ki smo jih sneli na netu :)

# re: And Izidor 2005 goes to.... 1/24/2005 12:15 PM Miha
... and weird also is that people woted from 11. - 16. of january then on 17. the jury picked 3 sites for the nominee and on 20. the aword was given away. But what if the jury didn't pick out the site that won the most votes from people???

I'm also for "slo blog" award!!!

# re: And Izidor 2005 goes to.... 1/24/2005 2:18 PM cookie
ocenjevali bi

1) zanimivost vsebine

2) konsistenco bloga

3) stil in obliko (pa ne htmlja, ampak vsebinsko)

4) splosno "naj si blog" - tisti, ki dobi najvec glasov.

5) naj blog v posameznih kategorijah - predlagam 1-osebno, 2-public life, 3-malo meshano na zaru 4-tehnika/specializacija

kako bi to odlocali?

blogi se nominirajo in potem ljudje votajo.

rfc please.

# re: And Izidor 2005 goes to.... 1/24/2005 2:26 PM David
Jaz sem za. Glede na to, da nas je tako malo, ne rabimo nominirat. Nominirani so vsi. Prepričat je treba samo še ljudi, da glasuejejo, pa smo.

Preveč ne smemo drobiti, ker so potem blogi vsak v svoji kategoriji, v vsakem primeru pa so zmagovalci al pa vsaj finalisti dost očitni.

Probat pa nikakor ni greh!

# re: And Izidor 2005 goes to.... 1/24/2005 2:31 PM cookie
bos naredu form? da bo folk klikal? :)

# re: And Izidor 2005 goes to.... 1/24/2005 2:48 PM David
Lahko. Dejmo si še zmislat datum in razlog zakaj bomo podeleljeva... Ob Xti bletnici ABC... Pa rabmo enga, da bo vsaj logo spacal. Si kaj designerja? Pa še en razlog zakaj to podelit? Zato, da bomo en drugega trepljal po rami al zato, da bi ljudi prepričali, da je fino bloge brat, al da bi čim več ljudi pisalo...

# re: And Izidor 2005 goes to.... 1/24/2005 2:53 PM cookie
nagrada je namenjena boljsi prepoznavnosti slovenske blog scene, prav tako pa je misljena kot stimulacija mlajsim oziroma manj izkusenim, ki se sele odlocajo za ta korak. Sploh bi bilo fino zadevo lansirat tam, enkrat 14 februarja, ko bo na RTVSLO 2 prispevek o blogih in bo folk mnozicno uletaval (i wish) na, sploh ker bomo objavili link in vse.

za logo bi jst reku novali ;) glede na to, da je imela ona prste vmes pri si.blogs stickerjih.

rfc ?

# re: And Izidor 2005 goes to.... 1/24/2005 2:55 PM David
Zlahka naredimo to okrog oz. do 14. februarja, potem pa naj se kakšen mesec ali vsaj 14 dni glasuje.

Kako to misliš, da je imela Novala prste vmes? Jaz o tem nič ne vem, sem jih pa risal, printal, plačal in vse ostalo... :)

# re: And Izidor 2005 goes to.... 1/24/2005 3:00 PM cookie
hehe. ja ne vem, ona je neki rekla *me whistles*


> It would be fun to pinpoint
the blog that is read by the most people (si.blogs and stuff). Or maybe do
a si.blogs award like they did --> ( Maybe get
SPS in on "the deal". Fun, fun. ;)

I haven't answered your questions yet. I am not on David's list. Of course
not. But it was me who invented the si.blogs-icon. *sniff*

end of quote

# re: And Izidor 2005 goes to.... 1/24/2005 3:06 PM David
Yes, that's right!!

I almost forgot. I saw si.blogs banner (the small one) there, that did a remake. Sorry, Novala! :)

# re: And Izidor 2005 goes to.... 1/24/2005 3:11 PM cookie

and yes..the voting period should be at least a month...preferably one blog, one vote. or something. and then we have a huge party, we all get drunk and...erm..well...ahem.

and we make it an annual thing.

# re: And Izidor 2005 goes to.... 1/24/2005 3:15 PM David
That would be cool. SiBlogMeet2005 and all. Do you have the time to take over some organizational part? I could do programming but nothing more... We could use some help from MM and other, don't you agree?

# re: And Izidor 2005 goes to.... 1/24/2005 3:18 PM cookie
mhm. this is just the research part. we should get as many people involved as possible...preferably those with lots of readers so that as many people know about it. maybe email the media as well. monitor, joker...stuff like that.

# re: And Izidor 2005 goes to.... 1/24/2005 3:52 PM David
Sure. Lets start with contacts among bloggers...

# re: And Izidor 2005 goes to.... 1/24/2005 5:30 PM Peter
Count me in :)

# re: And Izidor 2005 goes to.... 1/24/2005 7:25 PM Mark
Hmmm... I saw this thing some time ago but I did not take it seriously especially because of the quality that nominees have shown. I just browsed across Sergejs site now and it's far from a designers page. He's a programmer right? and maybe they're justifiying his entry as a finalst with the fact that he built the site all by himself maybe? Heck, I don't know and I don't care. Why should I? What pisses me off though is that designers and developers who do all of their stuff by them selves and don't care about polls like that don't get the credit and recognition they should and their work is so much better in all categories. Seems to me like the jury does not surf the web to really recognise which .si pages reflect good design and code quality and most of all usability. Oh and wow, winning a web award for a design one downloaded from some website (like Mare from evolve said)... yes, way to go. :)

# re: And Izidor 2005 goes to.... 1/24/2005 8:44 PM dejan
Count on me too! Cool idea. First of all, please suggest some cool names for this award - not "Izidor" like. Who the fuck are Izodor, Vesna, Viktor, ....

Let's make something different. I suggest "NEW KID ON THE BLOG - award for the new blogs", "ANOTHER BLOG IN THE WALL - award for most provocative blog", "JENNIE FROM THE BLOG - women's blog", "BLOGBUSTER - honour award"...

# re: And Izidor 2005 goes to.... 1/24/2005 9:20 PM cookie
names are for the tombstones...

here are some of mine suggestions...

1. the award for the best personal blog - mrwica (in honour and remeberance)

2. the award for the best new blog - zmajček

3. the award for the best content - kuki

and to answer your question dejan...izidor and vesna are slavic gods. Viktor is a roman word for winner.

# International press is already watching you :-) 1/24/2005 10:48 PM Novala
If you need any help with the category "Greatest blog with a wonderful section dedicated to beautiful Slovenija in a foreign blog" - just let me know.

David: I forgive you for forgetting this relevant information :-)

[And if you need help with anything else useful like sending hot coffee, pizza and no pasaran, let me know, too.]

# re: And Izidor 2005 goes to.... 1/25/2005 12:39 AM Michael M.
I'd be happy to help as well, although I'd prefer not to be nominated or anything.

# re: And Izidor 2005 goes to.... 1/26/2005 12:47 PM David
MM: You're kidding, right?
N: Thank you. For everything.
c, d: the names will be though problem. any more ideas?
Mark: cookie explained that when it comes to blog, design is the least importat. I totally agree.
peter: You're in!

# re: And Izidor 2005 goes to.... 1/26/2005 1:58 PM Novala
He just doesn't know where to put all the golden cups and plates anymore, David. If you create something small to win, he might participate. Like an evening out with *mmpfhhh*.

# re: And Izidor 2005 goes to.... 1/26/2005 10:51 PM cookie
we should have a category "michael cannot win this!" and have him nominated.

some more names for the awards...

- schnappi (i hear voices in my head and i blame!! novala!!!).

- janez (a little bit of classic)

- golden coffee cup (a little too long)

- fredi (you know who I mean)

- cankar (o ya! and the prize is one cankar...get it;)
or we can be real bastards and name the award Čankar (and then laugh at the poor sod who gets it. HAHA. Get it?? I got Čankar!! HAHA. Ahem. Damn schanppi!).

that`s it. I go to bed.

# re: And Izidor 2005 goes to.... 1/27/2005 12:22 AM Michael M.
*removes chloroform handkerchief from novala's mouth and nose*

Now then.

I think the problem is that there simply aren't enough contestants. We'll end up with 30 categories for seven bloggers. Even worse, people will get upset, especially with a small group where it will be very easy to figure out who voted for who. Everyone will be thinking: "How could those other idiots have voted for (insert name here)! They're all assholes!"

As for me: I don't think I could survive not winning a prize called the Schnappi prize. I'd have to hunt down every last one of you, chloroform you, and then dispose of the bodies. It's better, then, that I don't get involved at all.

Luckily, every competition needs a fair and balanced referee... I'll gladly monitor the elections and report any irregularities. :)

# re: And Izidor 2005 goes to.... 1/27/2005 8:54 AM cookie
that`s why i think we first need "to round up some guests" as lord Farquad from Shrek 1 would say. Nominating everybody from the list is simply not practical, cause the authors need to know that their blog was being nominated. And if we manage to motivate all 60 (give or take) contestants on the si.blogs list and then attract some outsiders as well, I think that three categories won`t be such an overkill. Plan of attack...get the nominees to actively participate in the nomination process, give a fair election and then declare me as the win...ahem...declare the winners.


# re: And Izidor 2005 goes to.... 1/27/2005 9:20 AM Novala
Oh, we can nominate the as a winner.

# re: And Izidor 2005 goes to.... 1/28/2005 7:50 AM Miha
We can make something similar like <a href="">Bloggies</a> but only for our country or maybe also for all former YU.

# A candy game for bloggers 1/30/2005 1:07 AM Off the wall

# re: And Izidor 2005 goes to.... 7/11/2005 11:54 AM supercena
When is Izidor this year? I heard that organizers fot netko have some problems, because ther is not enough sites in competition.
Did you hear something about it?

# re: And Izidor 2005 goes to.... 7/12/2005 1:52 PM David
I have no idea!

# re: And Izidor 2005 goes to.... 4/4/2006 3:10 PM - iskalnik najnižjih c
Nepristranska primerjava cen in ponudb iz področij: računalništvo, avdio, video, foto ter gospodinjski aparati. Mnenja in izkušnje kupcev, testi produktov, ocene prodajalcev. Vsa ponudba v Sloveniji na enem mestu.

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