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I have added couple of interesting Slovenian blogs to si.blogs:

  • Lair105 (You've come to my lair. Here is a seat for you. Listen. And I'll try and compose the music of the dragon.) - Bo, the good dragon I
  • Mathematize Me (Everything of any importance is written in mathematics) - Bo, the good dragon II

last, but not least:

  • Off the wall (Because it's hard to be serious when you're naked) - the semi-famous cool geek PeterK finally has a blog! If I know anything about him after 20 years, than I know this should be funny!

Klemen also suggested Skylined, but it seems down right now. It was up couple of hours ago. I'll add it when it comes back up.

Živa a.k.a. Mrwica was back for a moment, but her blog is down again. You come out now, Živa. We won't bite you.

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