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I finished this excellent book over the weekend. I can sum it in one word (OK, not exactly one, more like two) Read it! Now!

If you are developer and you are serious about your profession, that is. If you are 9-17 (8-16?) developer you shouldn't really bother.

Mike writes about planning and organizing your software project, using code control, debugging tricks, IDE plugins, code generation, unit testing, building, team organization and all other stuff htat a serious developer should you. You probably know a lot of stuff you will read, but this book will fill a lot of the gaps. And he we'll get you thinking if you are anything like me. There is also book's website with references Mike gives in a book, so it's really easy to check things he writes about.

It's a short book (~ 300 pages), really easy to read and interesting enough that you shouldn't have any trouble finishing it. If it has a Joel Spolsky foreword, you know it must be good.

I'm sure going to recommend every single developer at Evolve to read it.

You can buy it in Slovenian bookstores for about 9.000 SIT ($49) or you can visit Amazon and get it for $19.79 (3.660 SIT).

If you really want to buy it, please buy through my links.
I get Amazon bonus points if you do. My current status: $0.00! 

O, yeah! Did you see my other posts about books a read?

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