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Are you a geek? Wanna know something great? ThinkGeek delivers to Slovenia!

Finally, I said! Around this time last year I wrote to them and asked if they could change their policy since we are in EU now and so on. Their answer was not very polite - straight NO. I was sure they are complete ass holes until today. I forgave them in a second.

Today I came across some cool T-shirts and somehow I ended at ThinkGeek. Just for fun I checked the shipping rates for neighbor countries. And there we were. A pleasant surprise indeed!

The next logical step was to get me a couple of things for my birthday! And I did...

If you want to get me anything else and you need my shipping address, just let me know! There are tons of cool geek useless gadgets there!

Posted on Tuesday, January 04, 2005 11:20 PM | Filed under: Gadgets |


# re: A really excellent birthday present 1/5/2005 1:15 AM Michael M.
I had a similar encounter with I wanted to order some DVDs, but they don't ship to Slovenia -- EU or no EU. I see that they still haven't changed their policy though:

I really don't get it.

# re: A really excellent birthday present 1/5/2005 8:43 AM dejan
Happy birthday, Dave! Funny, I know a lot of people having birthday after the Christmas and New Year and they are all complaining that they do not get big presents and that they cannot organize a good party, because friends are run out of the money or their partymeter is below zero! Hope you've got a lot od presents and that the pary was/will be good!

# re: A really excellent birthday present 1/5/2005 12:56 PM Peter
Well, about $40 is still a lot for shipping fees.

# re: A really excellent birthday present 1/8/2005 4:39 PM CaqKa
jeah. čaki neke majce sem mel tam nagledane :)
da bom pravi gik :)

# re: A really excellent birthday present 1/9/2005 11:25 AM David
Peter: Yes, it's steep. But it's ThinkGeek!
CaqKa: Katere, katere? Da ne bova mela enakih... ;)

# re: A really excellent birthday present 1/9/2005 8:57 PM Peter
Jaz bi si tudi nekaj narocil !!! A ne bi vse vrgli na eno narocilo pa nas pride ceneje postnina :)

# re: A really excellent birthday present 1/9/2005 11:52 PM David
Kar se mene tiče, zlahka. Jaz sem sicer ene zadeve že naročil in so tudi že v SLO. DHL mi je poslal obrazec za carinjene, pa da vidimo kaj vse se bo dogajalo še s tem in koliko bo še dodatnih stroškov. Bom sporočil...

# Geeks are fast 1/12/2005 10:25 AM

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