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Good news for every sport fan. Eurosport has a RSS feed. I can't find the link on their page, but super cool feature of Firefox found it for me. I'm talking about Add Live Bookmark button in the lower right corner, of course.

And, by the way, if you are using Bloglines, be sure to install LiveLines Firefox extension. It lets you add subscription to your Bloglines account with one click!

Posted on Friday, December 17, 2004 10:14 PM | Filed under: Blogging |


# re: Eurosport RSS feed 12/18/2004 4:58 PM MarkoH
mene ta Add live bookmark feature v Firefoxu ni nikol zares impresioniral, ne vem zakaj tak big deal okrog tega. Ne zdi se mi ne vem kak uporabno..


# re: Eurosport RSS feed 12/19/2004 1:35 PM ®obi
I have added Eurosports RSS feed in my Firefox 1.0, but it says: "Live bookmark feed failed to load" ?
Any suggestions?

# re: Eurosport RSS feed 12/19/2004 4:02 PM David
MarkoH: Add Live Bookmark is very nice for discovering feeds that you would find other way. I found about Eurosport in that way. LiveLines extensions makes it useful since it works with Bloglines not with Live Bookmarks.

Robi: I have this link if Bloglines and it works. Try it!

# re: Eurosport RSS feed 12/19/2004 4:49 PM ®obi
Well I have the same link ?!?

Strange. Maybe some network problems ? Could it be a version problem?

# re: Eurosport RSS feed 12/19/2004 5:49 PM David
Don't have a clue. Must be something with incompatibility. I tried subscribing in FF and it doesn't work with me either.

Why do you even bother with Live Bookmarks in FF? Why not use real RSS reader like SharpReader or if you prefer, online aggregator like Bloglines?

# re: Eurosport RSS feed 12/19/2004 10:27 PM Mare
I read the RSS feeds in Thunderbird :) Looks just like the SharpReader from the screenshots. But I get to read email in the same application so thats' a plus.

There's something wrong with the storyrss_lng0.shtml format or at least it shouldn't be saved as .shtml since it's supposed to be an XML like document, right? Or am I wrong?

# re: Eurosport RSS feed 12/19/2004 10:28 PM Mare
Thought so!

# re: Eurosport RSS feed 12/19/2004 10:38 PM David
Yes, it looks like it's not a valid feed and Thunderbird is too strict. Too bad...

But .shtml ending has nothing to do with it. XML is about file content format, the filename could be anything.

For example my RSS feed is named rss.aspx, which is ASP.NET file type, but the content is XML.

# re: Eurosport RSS feed 12/19/2004 10:58 PM Mare
ya I saw that when I did work on mine. Was looking around and saw many weird file types for the same darn thing. Confusing :). And yes, Thunderbird curled a couple of my nerves too when I was testing my feed, RDF just did not work and I didn't know why. But I fixed it and now it seems that it works like a charm. Yay for me. Cheers.-

btw: Too bad you were a victim of spammers. :|

# re: Eurosport RSS feed 12/19/2004 11:15 PM David
CAPTCHA works great so far. Except few pranks when some friends copy/pasted spam and entered the code by hand... :)

# 24ur and Delo have RSS feeds 1/12/2005 2:20 PM

# re: Eurosport RSS feed 1/13/2005 2:05 PM jedec RSS feed unknown

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