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It looks like a year has passed since I paid subscription to for a year. Except that they pissed me off and made it a recurring but I specifically told them not to. They later offered a refund but I stayed with them for a year. But in last days my subscription has expired so I was left without my daily comics.

I'm now subscribed to feeds instead of e-mailing lists. These are couple of semi-legal feeds:

More feeds:

Posted on Friday, December 17, 2004 10:11 AM | Filed under: Blogging |


# re: The Comics year is over 12/17/2004 3:21 PM Boštjan
You do not read Pearls?

# re: The Comics year is over 12/17/2004 9:08 PM David
Yes, I had them in my subscription at first, but then I downsized to just few comics. I'll give them another shot as a feed, tnx.

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