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Update: A newer version is out.

TVvSPOREDnik is my latest pet project. In couple of words - it's a new way of representing TV schedule for Slovenian TV channels.

  • look at schedules of multiples channels simultaneously,
  • see what's playing now and what's next,
  • you can also mark or jump to programmes that will be on at certain time,
  • you can filter programmes by type (movies, series, sport, etc),
  • and you can list all programmes of certain type (movies, series, sport, etc) on selected day.

It's currently in testing phase, so I would appreciate if you took a look and told me what you think about the idea, about realization and please let me know if you find a bug or have an idea how to make it better. Do you think this is usefull? Would you use it as your TV guide?

There are many things to be done and there is a ton of ideas what TVvSPOREDnik could or should do, but I will welcome any response.

You can find it at

TVvSPOREDnik is written completely in C# and actually consists of three projects:

  • XmlTVnet is a C# library for writing XMLTV compatible files. There is a lot of programs that can consume files in this format and can do just about anything imaginable with TV schedules. I have to tested my library against all the programs, but it does produce files that are valid according to XMLTV DTD schema.
  • XmlTVsi is a grabber for Slovenian TV schedules that produces XMLTV format output file.
  • TVvSPOREDnik is what it's all about - a new way to look at TV schedules.
Posted on Wednesday, October 27, 2004 11:48 PM | Filed under: Developement |


# re: TVvSPOREDnik Beta 1 10/28/2004 2:10 AM Andrej
What can I say... Is a nice one! :) Pretty and handy. Would I use it for my (primary) TV guide? Well, it would be great if you could add some more channels, like HTV and maybe some other cable ones. And to save some space for that - I personnaly just need info on what's playing in the next couple of hours and don't care about the past shows. Further suggestions would require you to set up TVvSPOREDnik users database, so I'm stopping here ;)
As I said - nice work! Beats every other on-line TV schedule I know of.

# re: TVvSPOREDnik Beta 1 10/28/2004 11:28 AM Andrej Budja
Na zacetku je malo nepregledno. Sploh ne vem kateri stolpec je za kateri program. Kje se dodaja odvzema programe? Drugace pa je prikaz ql in zadeva uporabna!

# re: TVvSPOREDnik Beta 1 10/28/2004 9:22 PM Michael M.
It's excellent! Congrats.

Like Andrej, more programs would definitely make it sweeter. Then again, when I watch television it's usually something like 3sat or one of the German channels.

One possible bug is that the blue boxes render oddly after filtering. See here:

The same thing happens in IE.

Of course, none of this changes the fact that it's fantastic.

# re: TVvSPOREDnik Beta 1 10/29/2004 11:36 AM Marko Hrovatič
Izredna ideja in izvedba!

# re: TVvSPOREDnik Beta 1 10/30/2004 3:49 PM Gee
Tole zgleda pa obetavno!

Pravkar se odločam če bi si naredil PVR in program je seveda nujna stvar. Seveda me zanima, če lahko dobim kar xml sam (torej brez prezentacije)? Ali pa omenjeno knjižnico in grabber?

Še tako naprej!

# re: TVvSPOREDnik Beta 1 10/30/2004 9:32 PM Peter Jaušovec
Kul. Enako kot Andrej, tudi jaz ne najdem kje bi odstranil dolocen program. Poleg tega bi se blo fajn narediti izpise za vec dni vnaprej (npr. vsi filmi, ki bodo od ponedeljka do petka samo na rtv slo :)). Drugace pa super stvar in z veseljem bi jo uporabljal.

# re: TVvSPOREDnik Beta 1 11/2/2004 8:58 AM David
Thank you all for your comments!

What I can conclude is that I was right. It is a good idea and it need more work! :) Since you think it has potential I will gladly donate some more sleepless nights and make it even better!

Keep an eye on it!

# re: TVvSPOREDnik Beta 1 11/4/2004 1:22 PM David
Gee: Kdo si? Javi se....

# re: TVvSPOREDnik Beta 1 12/10/2004 4:03 PM Tomaz

Odlična zadeva. Sam imam MCE 2005 in seveda iščem način, kako vključiti SLO EPG. Zaenkrat mi zadeva dela preko splošnega nemškega EPGja, seveda brez kar nekaj podprtih programov.

Na webu se dobi WebGuide2, ki jemlje kot input XMLTV. Z nekaj čaranja dela tudi na MCE 2005, čeprav sam to še nisem poskusil. Bi pa rade volje, če bi imel XMLTV SI grabber in primerne podatke. Lahko pomagaš?

BTW: add-on za XMLTV za MCE 2005, kjer bi si lahko sestavil SVOJ EPG bi bil svetovni HIT!

# re: TVvSPOREDnik Beta 1 1/4/2005 3:54 PM bruma
super si tole zrihtal :)

Zanima me, ce lahko dobim graber XmlTVsi. Sam namrec uporabljam Freevo-ta in bi graber za Slo podrocje zelo prav prisel.

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