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We all have dual-monitor machines at work and I have dual-monitor setup at home. But I was thinking about third monitor for a while.

Last week I came across MaxiVista and probably that's a triple-monitor solution for me! 

I just installed the demo version and I'm impressed! I just need to get one of my cooworkers to go on a vacation or a seek-leave for a while. ;-)

MaxiVista enables you to use a second computer as an extended display of any other computer without the need of any additional hardware.

MaxiVista installs a virtual video card onto your primary PC which fools Windows into thinking that an additional monitor display is installed. Windows then activates the built-in multi-monitor capabilities and extends the desktop to an additional screen.

The content of this extra screen is transmitted to your secondary PC via a standard network connection and displayed by the MaxiVista Viewer program.

Posted on Monday, October 11, 2004 10:28 AM | Filed under: Gadgets |


# re: Dual-monitor is for weenies 10/11/2004 11:48 AM Andrej Budja
Yup, MaxiVista is great. I tried the demo some time ago and was impressed!

# Working from home and plugins 12/4/2004 11:16 PM

# Working from home and plugins 12/4/2004 11:29 PM

# re: Dual-monitor is for weenies 4/9/2005 11:35 AM someone
I don't understand why you don't just put in a 2nd video card. I have a video card with 2 outputs + cheapo PCI for third monitor. It behaves as one large desktop.

# re: Dual-monitor is for weenies 4/11/2005 8:26 AM David
I''m afraid you missed the point. I could put in extra card, but this post is all about a great idea and it's implementation in form of this software.

# Three monitors and two machines 5/28/2005 11:09 PM

# Three monitors and two machines 5/28/2005 11:13 PM

# re: Dual-monitor is for weenies 6/15/2005 2:34 AM fuckyouBastard
2 monitors ??? what a geek

Don't know how to spend money ??? try charity.

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