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I bought a Leadtek TV2000 XP Expert TV tuner card a month ago so I can watch football or some other sport with one eye while working on computer and Mojca can still watch the TV at time same. Since then TV related arguments dropped to zero flat in a moment. Fantastic buy!

From day one I was trying out different TV and HTPC programs in a quest to find the best one. There are really a lot, with totally different feature sets. I was looking for a fast and stable TV tuner with recording capabilities with time shifting, with teletext option, build in TV guide and - the tricky one it turned out - one that was capable of working on my secondary monitor.

The software that came bundled with the card satisfied all criteria except the last one. The program crashed if I dragged TV window to other monitor. Temporary solution was to switch primary and secondary displays, but that's annoying since all windows appear of primary first and I had to drag it to secondary.

But today, finally I must say I got this baby working! The solution was very simple one, as it turned out, I just had to install OLDER drivers for the card. It's the only question in Leadtek FAQ for this card, but I was so concentrated on finding other program that I didn't even bother to check the FAQ.

I settled with the WinFast PVR since it does everything I need, except the TV guide (but I'm working on my own project to work this out, I'll write about it soon) but since I have it, this is the list of other software titles I tried (in no particular order):

  • GB-PVR - free, C#, did not work for me
  • GotAllMedia - free, crashed
  • MediaPortal - open source, C#, did not work for me
  • ChrisTV - shareware, looks cool, works ok
  • TVTool97 - free, nVidia TV cards only
  • Meedio - commercial, demo available, no TV support (yet)
  • SageTV  - commercial, didn't find the card
  • Showshifter - commercial, didn't work
  • CTpvr - free, didn't work
  • BeyondTV3 - commercial, card not supported
  • iuVCR - shareware, usefull for recording, clumsy for watching, doesn't work on secondary display

I'm sure I missed couple. As they are already removed from my hard drive they were not operational or plain ugly. has so more links.

Anyone else has this card? What's your experience? What software do you use?

Posted on Tuesday, October 05, 2004 10:36 PM | Filed under: Gadgets |


# re: My Leadtek TV2000 XP Expert adventure 10/7/2004 7:59 AM mauerd
Another toy :) What about not watching football and playing games with Mojca instead? To get most complex toy called baby2005 ;)

# re: My Leadtek TV2000 XP Expert adventure 10/7/2004 8:35 AM David
Hi, Dejan! I could ask you the same... :) And you too even have the place to play with baby2005, I still have to figure that out!

# re: My Leadtek TV2000 XP Expert adventure 4/24/2008 2:22 PM Dustin
I bought this card. It seems you are basically limited to using WinFast because it doesn't work on anything else unless you want to mod the sucker

It was cheap so I wasted $ on it. Next time I think I'll go with the industry standard hauppauge.

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