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Guido Thelen's SqlFormatter has been renamed to SQLinForm in the beginning of the month. Guido has also added some features and ironed out some glitches and the site is now better than ever.

In my daily usage I noticed that since my previous post he has added support for:

  • larger files (we use heavily formatted dynamic SQLs which can grow quite big in bytes due to all spaces and tabs),
  • SQL sentences in quotes (useful when copying from VS.Net watch window, it's quicker to copy with quotes)
  • stripping of \t's (very very annoying if you copy tab formatted dynamic SQL from VS.Net watch window)
  • everything is in place in Firefox (older versions had some problems with sizes and positions of boxes and buttons)
  • I also love XXL version!
Posted on Thursday, September 23, 2004 9:10 AM | Filed under: Developement Internet |


# re: SqlFormatter is SQLinForm now 1/22/2005 4:06 PM peter lin

# re: SqlFormatter is SQLinForm now 6/20/2005 4:11 PM GuidoMarcel
just some info: There is now a version 2 available with the following improvements:
* Save Options in a cookie
* Coloured Keywords
* Coloured Bracket Matching
* Maximum Line Width option
* Configurable line-break for "AND" and "OR"
* Additional Target Programming Languages
Hope you enjoy!

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