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Luke "SharpReader" Hutteman posted the best iPod trick I have seen so far. I listen to DotNetRocks on my way to work and back home or anytime I'm alone in the car. The problem with listening to audio show is that iPod doesn't remember where you stopped if you dock iPod.

Luke to the rescue:

I just found out that for audio-books, iPods do keep a bookmark though, and any AAC file will be recognized as an audiobook if it has a .m4b file-extension (instead of the default .m4a). So to be able to bookmark your DotNetRocks shows, follow the following directions:

  • Download the "Windows Media" version of the show.
  • Drag 'n drop it into iTunes, which will automatically convert the .wma file to a .m4a file. (you could have also downloaded the mp3 and manually converted that to aac through iTunes, but the sound-quality of WMAs is better and iTunes will auto-convert them).
  • After the conversion is complete, right-click on the file and select "Show Song File" - an explorer window will pop-up for the directory containing the converted file.
  • Rename the file-extension to .m4b.
  • Drag 'n drop this file back into iTunes (it will now show up as a "Protected AAC Audio File").
  • Remove the original file from iTunes.
  • Et Voila! Your iPod will now automatically set a bookmark when you pause DotNetRocks, and continue playing from there when you return later.

It works like a charm!

My warning to all of you/us, that don't use iTunes for iPod song management: turn off automatic update of songs on iPod. (right click on iPod in iTunes, click iPod Options... and check "Manually manage songs and playlists")

You will loose all songs that are on your iPod and not in iTunes Library if you don't. I did once, I really don't want to loose it again. 

But don't worry, you will get a warning from iTunes before it deletes everything. Just say no to "The iPod "Something" is linked to another iTunes music Library. Do you want to change the link to this iTunes music library and replace all existing songs and playlists on this iPod with those from this library?" and you will be fine.

Posted on Tuesday, September 14, 2004 9:26 AM | Filed under: Developement Gadgets |


# re: Great iPod trick 9/14/2004 4:05 PM Luke Hutteman
Personally, I love the iTunes-iPod auto-sync feature. As long as your iPod has a monogamous relationship with your PC/Mac, there shouldn't be any problems. I think auto-sync is a lot easier than having to remember which files are new and then moving those manually (which was effectively what I had to do pre-iTunes since the MusicMatch sync pretty much sucked)

To prevent too many songs to be uploaded to my iPod (15Gb isn't as much as I thought it would be), I do use the "checked songs only" option though, so I can for instance uncheck DotNetRocks shows after I've listen to them.

# re: Great iPod trick 9/15/2004 8:50 AM David
I somehow never managed to fall in love with iTunes. Partly because my iPod is 4GB and my collection is bigger so syncing everything isn't the right way to go, and there are actually two libraries, one at my job and one at home, so syncing three libraries is really messy. And finally, I use Media Library in WinAmp to play all my music.

So now I use ml_iPod (site is down?) in WinAmp and Anapod Explorer ( that has some great features like parsing filenames to get track info...

# re: Great iPod trick 5/2/2008 12:18 PM Suhaib

If you want to create a bookmarkable audio file, without having to convert it to an m4b file (i.e. keeping it as a normal mp3 audio file), then it is EXTREMELY simple:

1) Plug your iPod into your computer

2) In iTunes, go to an audiofile within your iPod that you want bookmarkable.

3) Right-click on it, and go to OPTIONS

4) Tick the selection box “Remember Playback Position”

bish bash bosh - the file will remember its position everytime you play another file then return. AFAIK this follows the same properties as a ‘normal m4b’ bookmark

# re: Great iPod trick 6/26/2008 2:03 AM Mizz_Ramalama
How the heck do you "Rename the file-extension to .m4b"?!?!Please, can you give me the non-techno-babble version of this trick?

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