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New Scientist writes that SETI@home project found a signal that is still unexplained. It could be from previously unknown astronomical phenomenon, or an artefact of the telescope.

Or simply aliens playing some music...

BTW, my own SETI@home client is working hard for more than 5 years now. At the moment I'm in 8.242th positions out of 5.151.828 users. In couple of months I will reach 20.000 finished results milestone. I'm also doing ok on Slovenian top list. I'm currently on positions 22. Yeah, me! :)

Posted on Monday, September 06, 2004 10:27 AM | Filed under: Stuff |


# re: SETI@home candidate signal 9/12/2004 2:51 PM Bart
Bah, SETI is rather useless.

All who actually want to contribute to the human race should run Folding@home which actually produces useful results.

Don't you agree? Or do you just like to see yourself near the top of such statistics? :P

# re: SETI@home candidate signal 9/13/2004 9:12 AM David
I don't really know... How do you know folding@home produces usefull results and seti@home doesn't?

If there was no statistics, nobody would be running seti or folding. I my opinion that's the fun part.

# re: SETI@home candidate signal 9/13/2004 2:00 PM Bart
Here are results of the F@h distributed processing:

SETI has only produced candidates so far while F@h actually helps us understand and fight various viruses and genetic diseases.

# re: SETI@home candidate signal 9/13/2004 2:05 PM David
Ok, but if SETI happens to get a result, would that be really BIG?
This debate could go a long way... It's a classical holy war debate.

# re: SETI@home candidate signal 9/14/2004 11:58 AM Bart
Yes, the response qould be gigantic but you have to ask yourself - is SETI@home rational if in all the years it's been running no substantial result has been found?

Which is apparently not the case with Folding@home.

Yes, we could go on forever but I hope not. :)

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