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I just finished Kevin Mitnick's Art of Deception. I started the book after I saw 3rd episode of The Broken and a friend told me he has just bought a copy while visiting London.

I expected an eye opening and high-tech hacker book, but I was very disappointed. In his book Mitnick lists plenty of social engineering stories, couple of which do represent a fresh way to look at things, but after reading couple of them, he just starts to repeat himself. Another disappointment was that there are absolutely no practical hacker hints or tricks and almost no computer related stuff in this book. After every story Mitnick gives advice, but that is typically just common sense and I have doubts how his methods of keeping a company safe of social engineers could be practical in a professional world.

So, if you don’t have any other idea what to read on the beach this summer, you can grab a copy. But if you are into computers and over 14, you’ll probably struggle to read the book to the end.

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