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It's all music and iPod at these days!

I got myself and iTrip and PowerPod so I can use iPod in my car with a CD player with no input line. It's unbelievably smart idea, but the sound is not as good I expected. And it takes some time before you figure out how to change transmitting frequency. And it's quite hard to find a frequency that's clear enough so it doesn't interfere with iTrips transmittion. It works very good if I play it on my home Hi-Fi, but in car I do get occasional hiss. I'm still searching for the right frequency to use.

I bought both from, this time without a problem. And thumbs up to SKB bank! They have added money transfers to foreign account to their on-line banking called So it's really easy to pay on eBay. PayPal still doesn't care about Slovenia.

It looks like the WinAmp 5.04 which came out these days could be last WinAmp version. For a while at least, but maybe for good. Let's hope guys over at Nullsoft don't stop developing. They are just too good to retire. Hey, by the way... are you still using some old version of WinAmp? Upgrade!

Posted on Friday, July 30, 2004 9:59 AM | Filed under: Software Gadgets |
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