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Luke published a new version of SharpReader yesterday. It's mainly bugfix release but I suggest you upgrade. To get the latest version, either download the installer or the zip-file.

Changes in - released July 20 2004 [Update]

  • Fixed a NullReferenceException that would sometimes occur upon closing the options dialog.

Changes in - released July 19 2004

  • Bugfix: filter ending with "\" previously caused an exception to be thrown.
  • Autocomplete in textboxes, implemented using LaMarvin Autocomplete Tool.
  • Changed the threading model to fix Threadpool issues and hangups with very large number of feeds.
  • Read/unread counts in subscriptions-pane in blue (like outlook).
  • Read feeds with an unknown default namespace as if their items were in a standard rss namespace.
  • Bugfix: "space" on feed without any items selected previously sometimes selected two items.
  • Fixed default browser detection for AvantBrowser.
  • Fixed NullReferenceException in BlogSphere:441.
  • Default feed properties tab added to options dialog.
  • When the "unread only" filter is selected and new items come in, don't make the currently focused item disappear even when it's marked as read.
  • Remember treeview expansion-state across sessions.
  • Remember selected feed across sessions.
  • Remember whether filter-pane was showing across settings.
  • Remember whether feed-properties-pane was showing across settings.
  • MouseWheel now scrolls control over which mouse is hovering, instead of the focused control.
  • Fixed bug where style= attributes were sometimes not blocked. This caused a potential security issue as javascript can be embedded in style attributes.
  • Flags - press Ctrl-0 thru Ctrl-9 to set or reset a flag on an item.
  • Filtering on Flags and on Locked status.
  • Fixed font-size bug in listview (did previously not resize correctly for large fonts).
  • Added an installer (created with Inno Setup).
  • New application icon, created by Troels Knak-Nielsen.
  • Send via email option (ctrl+E).
  • New refresh-rate option: "Never". This is for feeds that should never be refreshed (not even manually) and can be used if you want to stop refreshing a feed, but do not want to remove it yet (due to existing items you may want to keep).
  • If a server responds with a 410:Gone response, the feed's refresh-rate will automatically be changed to "Never".
  • Refresh-rate option "None" renamed to "Manual Only".
  • "SharpReader Feed" menu item in help menu.
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