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David is 35th most used male name in Slovenia, but in '91-'03 it's 11th. There are 11.482 Mojcas, 2.571 Mašas. There are 2.730 Emas which is 0.3% of Slovenian woman population, it's 98th most frequent name. Marija holds the top spot of all names (by far!) with count of 80.829.

And there are 777 Almas, 139 Jagodas, 78 Samathas, 60 Heidis, 47 Zvezdas, 46 Pamelas, 25 Avas, 14 Naomis, 14 Barbis, 14 Kellys, 12 Esmeraldas, 11 Hannas, 10 Cindys, 9 Veruškas and 6 Arabelas. 

841 Patriks and 241 Patricks, 829 Elvises,199 Mustafas, 113 Michaels, 98 Rožles, 92 Armandos, 29 Aladins, 26 Jugoslavs, 20 Jonases, 18 Freds, 17 Dons, 15 Johns, 14 Kens and 5 Evans.

And there are 5 poor female souls with the name Jedrt. No comment at all here.

Boštjan was most frequent in my generation (71-81), Andrej is 2nd, Robert is 3rd, Marko is 4th, Aleš is 5th, Tomaž is 6th, Gregor is 7th, Matjaž is 8th, Peter is 9th, Matej is 10th.

Hey, this could be a drinking game! Guess what was Xth most important name in XX-XX. Drink up if you don't guess in 3 tries!

Check more Slovenian names statistics at Statistični urad Republike Slovenije!

(thanks to Marko (8th most frequent male name) for the link)

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# re: Davids on the rise 7/19/2004 1:18 AM CaqKa


grem še za sebe čeknit.

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