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This year, we haven't sailed a lot. But this Saturday we went for an easy sailing trip on Breskva along Slovenian cost. Weather was great, wind conditions were perfect. The only thing that spoiled our day at sea was the sea itself. There is clearly something terribly wrong with the Adriatic. I can't stop thinking the sea is telling us "you f**k with me, I'll f**k with you". And this isn't the first year it's like this.

Yuck up close

In front of Izola, Koper in the background

Posted on Sunday, June 27, 2004 12:45 PM | Filed under: Photography Stuff |


# re: Something is clearly wrong 6/30/2004 11:43 AM m
hočeš povedati, da potem niste skakali v morje, se žogali in na sploh igrivo potapljali kot delfinčki? čudaki : )

# re: Something is clearly wrong 7/7/2004 4:08 PM m
Zanima me, je ta prva fotografija površina vode?

# re: Something is clearly wrong 7/9/2004 12:33 PM David
Ja, seveda. Prva slika je površina vode. :) Precej neukusno in smrdeče je bilo vse skupaj.

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