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My unfortunate eBay adventure is finally over! It was over on Monday but I didn't find the time to blog about it.

Few days after we became EU members I wanted to try if that really means anything. I figured that it was just the right time to go shopping and get myself an iPod. I decided that iPod mini is my thing and went to and and I quickly found couple of them. I checked with Apple Center Ljubljana when iPod mini will be available in Europe (they said July, now I hear they won't be available before 2005) and what will be the price. In matter of hours I won the bid at and for a reasonable price!  It looked to good to be true. And it was!

I was convinced I bought it from UK but boy was I wrong! Right after I won the bid, I saw small print: Item will be shipped from US. It ment I would have to add approximately 5% of custom duties and 20% on top of that for taxes. But then the seller convinced me, he knows the way around that.

Next problem I faced was They refused payment with 4 different credit cards from 2 different banks. And they dind't even bother to tell me the reason, since they don't want to reveal their checking process. Great, thank you guys!

The only way left for me to pay was through bank order. But the pretty lady behind the desk wasn't even remotely interested in doing business with me, but after a tall handsome guy in expensive suit came to her office for a chat, she was very cooperative. It took here 2 minutes to finish my order after her flirt.

It took more than a week for my money to arrive in US. And it took some another 10 days for the package to come to Slovenia. In the meantime I learned that Slovenian Post is not very happy if I send my personal mail to our business address. Of course, I did just that. But thanks to Katja, our secretary, everyone at local post office knew that I was expecting package from US.

It wasn't over yet. The customs didn't believe the note on the package stating it's a present. They insisted that I bring them the receipt. Since I didn't have it, I  made a deal with customs lady to bring them printed eBay web page with the finished auction. I couldn't resist. I changed the currency of the price from GBP to USD.

But it seems customs officers are smarter than I thought. They figured my little trick out in 2 seconds. If I wanted to get my package I had to show the bank order receipt. I ended paying customs for the iPod, shipping costs and package insurance.

So, now I have it! It's great. I love it. But it certainly came with a price and I learned a thing or two about shipping things from US!

Posted on Wednesday, June 09, 2004 11:25 PM | Filed under: Software Gadgets |


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# re: Mine is golden 6/21/2004 9:05 PM Peter
How much did you pay for it? You can also get it in Slovenia :) -

# re: Mine is golden 6/26/2004 9:18 AM David
Yes iPoid is available in Slovenia, but iPod mini is not. It's a huge difference. Check it at!

# re: Mine is golden 7/2/2004 2:39 PM Boštjan
Sony unveils HDD Walkman

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# re: Mine is golden 7/28/2004 1:47 PM Boštjan
A song for you... ;)

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