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Matt pointed out that Brady pointed out that his friend Adam... Well that squishyWare has a really nice tool called squishySyntaxHighlighter (with C# sources!) for colorizing C#, VB.Net and XML source code.

So my code snippets don't have to be boring like this, but can look this cool:

2public double ToDouble(object _o) {
3 ...
Posted on Thursday, June 03, 2004 9:01 AM | Filed under: Developement |


# re: SquishyCool! 6/21/2004 4:00 PM Blaz Ziherl
Wow, that's one nice piece of software. I've been looking for a good syntax editor that I could use in C# or VB.NET for ages now. Unfortunately I gave up too soon and bought Compona SyntaxBox - which is extremely powerfull though.

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