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Yesterday was a special day for everyone from Celje. The years-long fantasy has finally come true! After 5 semi-finals, Celje Pivovarna Laško has gone all the way. Celebrations were fanastic, the biggest and loudest party Celje has ever seen! Guys, thank you for the win! Do it again next year!

Some links to the news: Delo,,, RTV SLO, RTV SLO,

Posted on Sunday, April 25, 2004 9:57 PM | Filed under: Sport |


# re: Celje at the top of Europe 4/26/2004 10:12 AM Peter
But we have more to celebrate!
The Champions League TOP SCORER trophy was awarded for the first time in history. And it went to....SERGEJ ROUTENKA also a player from Celje Pivovarna Laško.
More on the European Handball Federation site

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