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I came across great new RSS feed from Microsoft yesterday. Microsoft Visual Studio PowerToys Weblog list MS & third party tools for Visual Studio. There are already some great posts. I especially like these tools:

VS File Finder - VS File Finder adds a tool window to Visual Studio 2003 which allows you to quickly find and open files in large solutions. When it is installed, you will see an extra tool window listing all the files in your solution. By typing a few letters from a file name, you can narrow down the list and then select a file to open.

Code<Template> Addin for Visual Studio .NET - Code<Template>.NET is an addin for Visual Studio.NET that provides a mechanism for inserting commonly used text fragments into your source code.

Mare also likes Command Prompt Explorer Bar and by now everyone knows Fiddler.

Posted on Friday, April 23, 2004 9:46 AM | Filed under: Developement |
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