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If you haven't noticed, I have two simple programs published on my blog. WebSpy is really very simple and unattractive little thingy, but GetCanon! is in my opinion what Canon digital camera owners are missing. Small, quick and very efficient program to download pictures from thier camera.

I had GetCanon! on my hard drives for couple of months and I and couple of friends were using it. I thought GetCanon! could be interesting to others so I published it. It was and still is very interesting what’s happening with it so I’ll write about it in next couple of days as things happen.

I created this blog, posted screenshot and a short description. I published it on SnapFiles (former WebAttack) and in a forum of a Slovenian digital photography magazine.

Forum users people didn’t like it much, some of them didn’t even bother to test it, but they were quickly ready to criticize it. I must say I expected that, but it‘s not a nice feeling anyway. I tried to explain why I published my program, but the thread stoped there.

Completely different thing happened on SnapFiles. More that 150 copies were downloaded in 24 hours with no promotions or anything. Comments and thanks started coming and not a single bad word. People understood that I gave them something for free. If they happen to like it and if they need it, they can use it.

Then I posted on Digital Photography Review forum. People had some problems, I helped some and some of them liked it and started using it.

But this morning the best response came. Guy from Canon Italia asked me if I could translate GetCanon! in italian so they could publish it on CD that comes with Canon digital camera, if bought in Italy. I will get nothing in return, of course, but personal satisfaction. I’ll keep you informed what happens next, but after couple of e-mails from Roberto I think the idea will be realized. There surely will be italian version of GetCanon!!

It feels great! Knowing you did something that people like, and they tell you that - that's what it is all about. Thanks to all who have taken time and send me e-mail. You made my day!

Posted on Tuesday, April 20, 2004 6:57 PM | Filed under: Software Developement |
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