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Hi, this is me. I just started this blog. I'll post some info about music I collect, photos I take, software I write, games I play and random other things.

I tested dasBlog and .Text and picked .Text as you can see.

Simple install, had some minor trouble running database create script through SQL Server Web Data Administrator. Had to manually grant exec rights to stored procedures. I don't know if I didn't follow install instructions or found a bug.

Also had some trouble with DottextHelper when creating my blog. Usage info says

ex: -add MyUserName, MyPassword, EmailAddress,, myblog, true

so I used commas as separator. But install walkthrough clearly says

Seperate the values with spaces, not commas. If you run DotTextHelper with no args, it will give you an example using commas. Don't follow it.

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# re: Just moved in... 4/19/2004 12:17 PM Ry Jones
yeah, dottexthelper isn't very helpful.

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i wana chenge id

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