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I often create account (Jira, Subversion, FTP,...) so I need good password generator. For long time I used PC Tools Secure Password Generator web page with two presets and it worked. Except there was a lot of copy-pasting.

Lately I try to simplify my life so I had a "what if I could just..." moment and that instance the wapgUI was born.

It's a user interface for an ancient pronounceable password generator called APG, or in the case of Win32 port wapg.


Using AutoHotKey I can now press Win + S to start wapgUI which will display a list of 10 freshly generated passwords. I pick one (using enter or double click) and the password is copied on the clipboard for instant pasting where new password is needed.

Here is the AHK script I use for launching:

    SetTitleMatchMode, 2
    IfWinExist, wapgUI
        Run, C:\Shared Folder\Tools\wapgUI\wapgUI.exe
        WinWait, wapgUI

The password strength, length and allowed characters parameters for wapg can be set in wapgUI.exe.file.

Includes wapg binaries by Adel I. Mirzazhanov and famfamfam silk icon.


wapgUI 1.0 (with wapg.exe)

Source code:
wapgUI 1.0 VS 2008 C# source code

1.0 (12th April 2008) - Initial release.


Posted on Saturday, April 12, 2008 10:42 PM | Filed under: Developement |
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