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I hope this will not turn into a war and a competition about clicking it’s own blog on si.blogs and that screw up the statistics. So, hold on tight, this is it.

The languages of si.blogs in 2005

Let’s start this who with a light subject. The si.blogs by languages:

  1. SLO – 265 
  2. ENG – 98 
  3. ESP – 1 
  4. POR – 1

This is not very surprising, Slovenian blogs are most popular, in  numbers: ~2.5 times more than English ones. There are two special ones, one in Spanish and one in Portuguese.

TOP 20 Posts of 2005

Most popular posts according to si.blogs stats. Post click are counted when clicked from blog’s info page or from the latest posts section.

  1. V striptiz baru [Fraj.NeT BloG]
  2. MSN Messenger 7.5.0299 Final []
  3. Crazy Frog * [Moj virtualni dnevnik!]
  4. T-2.Net in VDSL * [Guttierrez WebLog]
  5. MSN Messenger 7.5.0303 []
  6. Cooperjev test * [Postaniva 3-atleta!]
  7. Fuk [Misel]
  8. Tomaž Humar proti gori Nanga Parabat [Miha Kuntu]
  9. Zapadel je prvi sneg :o * [PARTyZANov spletnik]
  10. Banane rastejo tudi v Žižkih * [/* brez komentarja */]
  11. Gmail povabila [Čebula Blog]
  12. SPP: Slovenska planinska pot * [Prelazimo Slovenijo!]
  13. Basen o sovi in rdeči žogi [Evolve Develop Blog]
  14. Modri ADSL [/* brez komentarja */]
  15. Deževnik * [JA-NE-z]
  16. kandidati za netko 2005 [Miha Kuntu]
  17. Avto show Grosuplje [:had:]
  18. Naša Mala Klinika DVD cover [MisakAway Art]
  19. 24ur Internetna Televizija [Čebula Blog]
  20. Nagradna igra: Madagaskar [MisakAway Art]

Taste of Slovenian blog readers is the same as the worlds and the number one fascination is – yes, you are right – PORN – with posts in 1st and 7th place. So the GOLDEN BLOOD SAUSAGE goes to Fraj.NeT BloG for the V striptiz baru post.

The margins are not that big except for the first place  – post about strip bar had more clicks than second and third combined!

You can also noted that there is not a single super-star blogger that could pull couple of the posts in top 20 – only 3 of them have two posts on top 20, the best combo being that of /* brez komentarja */ with spots 10 and 14. 

Update: There is a super-star blogger in this category! It’s! I have no idea how could I miss him. Congrats!

Unofrtunately 7 of the posts, some of them ranked very high, are not available anymore. Some have changed their blogging engine and didn’t provide smooth transitions and others just disappeared. That’s a shame. maybe si.blogs should archive the posts too…

Top 20 blogs of 2005

The big thing. This are blogs that were clicked the most on si.blogs page. It doesn’t mean these are the best or most popular blogs. There were just clicked the most on si.blogs site, so don’t worry if you are not on the list. You don’t have to stop writing your blog right now.

  1. no pasaran (dead)
  2. My So-Called Blog
  3. The L Files
  4. The Glory of Carniola
  5. Centrifuga *
  6. Vrta's Blog *
  7. Mayhem in Monsterland *
  8. samuelion's wilderness *
  9. Bite my bytes
  10. Moj koticek! *
  11. Bayaland *
  12. My "beautiful" mind *
  13. Prigode Kita in ostalih sesalcev
  14. Janko Š *
  15. Pot v neznano...
  16. jaKove misli *
  17. Gaby
  18. ill-advised *
  19. *
  20. Repete! *

A surprise in a way and a no-brainer in other – the top blog is a blog that has been deleted long time ago. But the memory of nude chick’s blog is still alive and no pasaran has easily won THE GOLDEN BEEF SOUP award – no. 1 blog of 2005. I didn’t include the numbers in the list in order to protect them from but I can tell you that she won by substantial margin. Other bloggers will have to work even harder in 2006 to push her down the list.

In places two and three come old school bloggers that probably also toped the list in previous years, let’s call them Miss si.blogger – My So-Called Blog  and Mr. si.blogger – The L Files.

In place 4 is The Glory of Carniola . For me this is a rather disappointing achievement for most famous si.blogger, outside the Slovenia at least. I would expect him to rank higher, but numbers tell me otherwise so I’ll just have to cope with it.

It’s also quite a surprise that top 4 blogs are all written in English. I could speculate that English si.blogs make up in quality what they lack in quantity.

On places 5–8 we find newcomers to si.blogs in 2005. Happy quarter joined the elite list in April and May and attacked the chart with big guns. If they keep this pace up who knows, maybe they will top the chart next year.

In number 9 we find my own blog clinching to the top ten despite obvious lack of posts. Some of the popularity is certainly due to si.blogs fame so – thank you.

In the places from 10 to 20 we find mostly blogs that joined the list in 2005 (those are marked with a * in the list) with few exceptions. In place 13 we find the only Slovenian whale. From top of my head I would rank him higher, but the numbers are telling me that he hold the unlucky 13th spot.

From list of my favourites these are the ones that missed the top 20: The literate artist oslikarstvuinšečem in 23th, The VIP of si.blogs Zapisi in 25th, US powered Slepo črevo in 37th, Moving target Riding the waves  in 43th, political LIBERTAREC can be found at 46th place and the most awarded si.blogs in 47th.

So this is it for these years award… Congratilations to all of the “winners” (you didn’t win anything material, I’m sorry!) and see you in 2006!
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# re: Top si.blogs of 2005 1/2/2006 7:35 PM BeeBee
That's Miss si.blogger to you! ;)

# re: Top si.blogs of 2005 1/2/2006 7:39 PM David
Excuse mee, Miss BeeBee. Fixed!

# re: Top si.blogs of 2005 1/2/2006 7:54 PM BeeBee
Merci. :)

# re: Top si.blogs of 2005 1/2/2006 9:59 PM Michael M.
I hope BeeBee draws the right lesson from this and starts posting naked pictures of herself. It's a hard road to the top, but somebody has to do it.

# re: Top si.blogs of 2005 1/3/2006 12:05 PM Bo
Great supplementary text. Like watching the Oscars.

# re: Top si.blogs of 2005 1/3/2006 5:27 PM Klemen
Great enty, well put, it was fun reading it. I feel a lil shy between all this eminent bloggers but still - it says:
You can also noted that there is not a single super-star blogger that could pull couple of the posts in top 20 – only 3 of them have two posts on top 20, the best combo being that of /* brez komentarja */ with spots 10 and 14.

I see one more combo, taking the 2nd and the 5th place (self advertising, lol)
Keep up the good work.

# re: Top si.blogs of 2005 1/3/2006 8:29 PM David
Bo: Tnx!
Klemen: Holly s**t! I missed that! YOU are the solo super star poster! ;)

# re: Top si.blogs of 2005 1/10/2006 1:23 PM Menezes
Viva Siblogs!

Thank for All David,
Happy 06

# si.blogs06.awards 10/10/2006 9:55 PM Bite my bytes

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