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I wrote this some time ago but I didn't post it for some reason unknown to me:

If you still haven't started to listen to podcasts, this is your last chance. If short clips that form some kind of the "best of" Mondays don't convince you that this is better that listening to music when you are alone in the car / on the bus / bike, nothing will. I haven't been very excited by this show at the beginning, but lately they are hilarious. They are also on the crazy/stupid side of funny, so it's not for everyone.

And after a while you get used to people staring at you when you ride a bike to work and laugh out loud.

I still stand behind what I wrote just that with iTunes supporting podcast frenzy, the downloads are a bit slower. I suggest you use torrent links. Yes, P2P can be used for legal content. So go grab Azureus and start downloading! And leave downloads to seed for some time, please.

Posted on Wednesday, July 06, 2005 10:04 PM | Filed under: Internet |
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